Books Read

10 Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe

This was a very interesting read.  Some things that were mentioned in the book I could not agree with, but some made sense.  It was challenging to read because some of these things have been taught that this is what we do because it has always been done that way.  But are they really biblical?

A Heart for Freedom

A heart gripping story of a teen age girl living in China and her struggle to understand life.  She shares of her part in the Tiananmen Square massacre and how she fouud her way to the United States and eventually found the ultimate freedom in Christ.  She continues on a “quest to free the daughters of China”.

Miracle in the Mine

The true story of Jose Henriquez’s strength and survival, when he and some other fellow miners got caught in the Chilean Mine collapse.  The inside tale to the story that unfolded as it happened in the news.   A really good read!

Prairie Tale

A autobiography of Melissa Gilbert: Actress playing Laura Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie.  How life behind the scenes of Little House was nothing like the girl she played.  Some mild language, but a very well written life story of the effect that Hollywood can have on young actors growing up in that environment.

I found myself looking at Little House on The Prairie in a different light.  How often idealize the scenes we see on TV week after week and never once think about the actors real lives and what they go through in their own lives to bring us our favorite shows year after year.

Soul Surfer


An autobiography of a young competitive surfer whose entire left arm was bitten off by a tiger shark.  This is an account of how she made a comeback to being a competitive surfer once again.

Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice


An excellent book describing in detail the differences that hormones make between men and women.  It was a real eye opener, especially when it comes to how each sex handles stress.  The book gives some practical ways that to build up each others stress reducing hormones, and discusses, among other things, how these hormones affect the outlook on life, and subsequently the view toward your spouse.

Gray Matter

Here is a book that I just could not put down.  It is an autobiography of a neurosurgeon that starts to pray with patients before surgery and why he started to do that.  Also he writes about some of the cases he has had and the power of prayer there.   Highly recommended.


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