Can you believe it New Year’s Eve is upon us.  Similar to many people who I have talked to, I am wondering where the year went.   As the fall came and went, I was still wondering where the summer disappeared to?  It went all by so fast.  And here we are on the Eve of yet another year.

Usually after the ringing in of the New Year occurs people start to think about making New Year Resolutions.  Some resolutions seem great when they are being made, but then reality sets in and they seem too overwhelming, they get forgotten, get put aside.  Some are so vague that they seem impossible.  So why do we continually set New Year’s Resolutions only to abandon them later and feel crappy about it.

In my opinion people make resolutions because the start of a new year signifies a chance to make changes, to get a fresh start in areas of life that are not working, and it is the beginning of something new.

But resolutions are no good if you do not or are not able to carry them through.  I stopped making resolutions because of this.  Either life gets so busy that the resolutions get put on the back burner or I have not had a reasonable plan to reach that goal.

Earlier this week I was reading a blog from Brave Writer, and it was suggested to make a list of all the things that you wanted to do, needed to do, should have done and have put off (procrastinated about).  To pick one a week and concentrate on that.  I am going to take this a step further and suggest making a list of all the things unaccomplished from last year.  In all areas of life: household, health, relationships, schooling, work, etc.  For me, since I love lists and the satisfaction that items crossed of lists gives me, that made sense.  It is also a practical application.   Instead of adding new things to do, it is finishing those that are nagging at me to get done.  Instead of putting more pressure on myself to do or think or implement yet another item in the year, it is to take care of those that are cluttering up my mind and heart.   Granted some will take a bit longer than an hour, and some may have to be planned for and some may not even get fully accomplished by the time the year is up.   But I am not adding more to my already busy life.

As I search and implement ways to simplify life in all aspects, this is simple.  This is doable.  Now if you will excuse me I need to begin making that list.





About Grace Filled Adventures

I am a wife, mother and home educator of 4 amazing and wonderful children. Two are still being educated at home and two have graduated and are on their own adventures. This blog is a bit of my journey as a follower of Christ, a wife, a home educating mom, and a person who grapples with the realities of life. I love to read. Occasionally will I pick up a novel, but mostly I enjoy reading non-fiction books. Mostly books to do with health and education. I love to spend time with my family in an unrushed time frame. To have fun together, to be silly, to read together and discuss things and to learn from one another as we go through life. I am on an adventure in life, trying to maintain balance and health in all areas of life and I invite you to join me on my journey!
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