… Already!!?? (originally posted August 20, 2013)

It is already that time of year to begin to plan for the next school year.  Actually it is probably more than time,  since there are many home educators that have been planning already for weeks.  Most years, before the end of the year (May/June), I usually have most subjects figured out for the next year and come August all I need to do is just put together the final touches and the last-minute items.  But not this year.  Due to an in-town move, I could not and did not have the luxury of planning in advance.  We finished school and it was straight to packing, cleaning, moving, cleaning and organizing.   So now I am wondering where the summer went and how to make the most of what is left.  I have attempted to get organized and make plans, get curriculum together and figure out the schedules, and I have written down a few things as I have thought about them, but right now, honestly I am struggling to just sit down and do it.  I know I will have to eventually (maybe next week).  But for now, I am going to try and make the most of the last few days of summer


About Grace Filled Adventures

I am a wife, mother and home educator of 4 amazing and wonderful children. Two are still being educated at home and two have graduated and are on their own adventures. This blog is a bit of my journey as a follower of Christ, a wife, a home educating mom, and a person who grapples with the realities of life. I love to read. Occasionally will I pick up a novel, but mostly I enjoy reading non-fiction books. Mostly books to do with health and education. I love to spend time with my family in an unrushed time frame. To have fun together, to be silly, to read together and discuss things and to learn from one another as we go through life. I am on an adventure in life, trying to maintain balance and health in all areas of life and I invite you to join me on my journey!
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