Can you believe it New Year’s Eve is upon us.  Similar to many people who I have talked to, I am wondering where the year went.   As the fall came and went, I was still wondering where the summer disappeared to?  It went all by so fast.  And here we are on the Eve of yet another year.

Usually after the ringing in of the New Year occurs people start to think about making New Year Resolutions.  Some resolutions seem great when they are being made, but then reality sets in and they seem too overwhelming, they get forgotten, get put aside.  Some are so vague that they seem impossible.  So why do we continually set New Year’s Resolutions only to abandon them later and feel crappy about it.

In my opinion people make resolutions because the start of a new year signifies a chance to make changes, to get a fresh start in areas of life that are not working, and it is the beginning of something new.

But resolutions are no good if you do not or are not able to carry them through.  I stopped making resolutions because of this.  Either life gets so busy that the resolutions get put on the back burner or I have not had a reasonable plan to reach that goal.

Earlier this week I was reading a blog from Brave Writer, and it was suggested to make a list of all the things that you wanted to do, needed to do, should have done and have put off (procrastinated about).  To pick one a week and concentrate on that.  I am going to take this a step further and suggest making a list of all the things unaccomplished from last year.  In all areas of life: household, health, relationships, schooling, work, etc.  For me, since I love lists and the satisfaction that items crossed of lists gives me, that made sense.  It is also a practical application.   Instead of adding new things to do, it is finishing those that are nagging at me to get done.  Instead of putting more pressure on myself to do or think or implement yet another item in the year, it is to take care of those that are cluttering up my mind and heart.   Granted some will take a bit longer than an hour, and some may have to be planned for and some may not even get fully accomplished by the time the year is up.   But I am not adding more to my already busy life.

As I search and implement ways to simplify life in all aspects, this is simple.  This is doable.  Now if you will excuse me I need to begin making that list.




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Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!!!

Enjoy this Christmas season celebrating with family and friends as we celebrate the greatest gift that was given … Jesus Christ!

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Words!! Part 2 of 2

In part one I had mentioned that in part two I would write about taking a look at where these thoughts and lies originate from, and what we do with them.

I read a wonderful book lately called “Unglued – Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions” by Lysa Terkeurst

There is a part of the book where she writes, “…anytime I start hearing lies speaking louder than truth, it’s an indication my soul is starving for God’s word.  So I feed it with truth and I starve it of the lies begging to get down deep and mess me up.”

This got me thinking:  when someone has been listening to lies for a long time, it is hard to find the truth.  How do you distinguish which is lies, and which is truth?  There are lies that sound like the truth, there are lies that disguise themselves very well.    They can drown out the truth very quickly.

So how do we stop those lies?  First we need to figure out what are the lies. What kind of inside chatter has been circulating in the brain?  With what areas do we keep beating ourselves up?  How do we talk to ourselves?  How do we see ourselves?  How do we perceive others see us and think about us?

What lies are rattling around in our brains?   Can they be identified?

Unless these thoughts line up with what God’s word says, they are all lies.  We need to be on top of those lies.  Not let them gain a hearing.

In 2 Corinthians 10:5 it says, “We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”

That is the key!  “TAKE EVERY THOUGHT CAPTIVE.”  When we capture, grab those lies before we allow them to become stored in our brain and check to see if they line up with who God made us, with what God says about us and with God’s truth.  Do not let those lies gain a hearing, do not let lies tear you down, do not let those lies make you feel less than you are … a person made in the image of God.  You are of worth. You are loved!  And you are  beautiful and you are made for a purpose, with wonderful giftings and talents.   At times these may not seem a reality in your life, but they are truth – God’s truth!!

And Romans 12:2 says, “… be transformed by the renewing of your minds”.  With the plasticity of the brain research done by neuroscientists, it has been shown and documented that our brains are capable of doing just that.  God has designed our brains to be renewed, to be transformed with the correct inputs.

How do we know what is God’s truth?  How do we transform our minds?  By spending time in God’s word.  Everyday!   Ask God to help you bring those lies to the forefront so you can deal with them.  Memorize God’s word.  Study God’s word.  Teach your children to be in God’s word!  Soak in it!  Dismantle, stomp, flatten and chuck those lies where they belong.    Not easy, not without set-backs, a huge temptation to beat one’s self up, it will take time.   Keep going, keep working at it!  I am still working at it.  Every effort, every minute, one little step at a time.  It is so worth it!!


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WORDS!!! Part 1 of 2

We all know the saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”   We probably have said it as kids at least once to those who have called us names, and heard it said by others.

But the saying just is not true.  This came to mind as I was writing this quote in my journal by Rudyard Kipling, “I am by nature a dealer in words and words are the most powerful drug known to humanity!”

The words we hear as children and as adults affect us for good and bad.  Heard often enough we can agree with them and even start to believe them, and then start to live those words out.

But I think some of the most damaging words are the words we speak to ourselves, about ourselves.  The, what some people call, inner chatter, or the self talk.

The quote above was from a documentary DVD that I watched the other day, called “Hungry for Change.”   Even though this is a food and diet documentary, it does talk about how until they stopped the inner chatter to become healthy, totally and holistically healthy, was hard.   I believe that the body and mind are connected, intertwined, you cannot separate them.   The people that are in the documentary had much to say about this.  They had a hard time getting healthy until they stopped listening to those negative words that they spoke about themselves, and started to have a different view of themselves.

We would not put up with someone else constantly talking at us with put downs and nasty words, but why do we put up with it in ourselves?

In “Hungry for Change”, best selling women’s author,  Dr. Christiane Northrup says that she gets her patients to write on a sticky note, “I accept myself unconditionally right now”, and post it on the bathroom mirror and for 30 days say it twice a day to yourself in the mirror.  This starts to plant new pathways in your brain.

Brain research has shown that what we say or think has certain pathways in our minds.   The more these words or thoughts are thought and mulled over, the more they wear a well-trodden pathway on those pathways.

It takes time to get a new pathway started, so that the old one can get overgrown and not be used anymore.  It is a necessary process if we are to accept ourselves and I believe, to live our lives in freedom and health.  Although it is not a quick process and not one without anguish at times, it is possible, due to what neuroscientists call, the plasticity of the brain.  It involves taking a hard look at where these thoughts and lies originated from, and what we do with them.   More on this in the part 2.

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Labels that other people put on us should never define who we are.

There is a children’s book by Max Lucado called “You are Special.”  Punchinello lived in village with other Wemmicks.   They decided that they would give out star stickers for Wemmicks who were talented, beautiful and smart and grey dot stickers for Wemmicks that were scuffed, had chipped paint or ones that could not do what others could do, according to their standards.  Poor Punchinello had the dots and he felt bad about himself, not even wanting to go outside.   Then he met another Wemmick, Lucia, who the labels did not stick to.  He did not understand why they did not stick to her.  She told him it because she spent time every day with Eli, the Maker.   Punchinello finally got enough nerve to go see Eli.  Punchinello asked Eli why the stickers did not stick on Lucia and Eli tells him,

“Because she has decided that what I think is more important than what they think.  The stickers only stick if you let them…the stickers only stick if they matter to you.  The more you trust my love, the less you care about their stickers.”

May we all be more like Punchinello and spend time with our Maker, so the stickers that others put on us do not define us.  We need to trust God and His love for us!  Do not let the labels stick!!


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I think that I have finally got my blogging in a more manageable state.  I tried to figure out how I could make all the topics that I wanted to cover in a way that would make more organized sense.  So instead of the one blog I created three.  Not a good idea!  I found that it takes much, much more time to manage them.  So I revamped this blog, and made three into two.  I am hoping that this will be much more manageable and that I will be able to blog more frequently.  This will now be a place where I will blog about life issues, musings, thoughts and home education.  The other blog deals with health stuff, you will find the link to that on the side bar.

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… Already!!?? (originally posted August 20, 2013)

It is already that time of year to begin to plan for the next school year.  Actually it is probably more than time,  since there are many home educators that have been planning already for weeks.  Most years, before the end of the year (May/June), I usually have most subjects figured out for the next year and come August all I need to do is just put together the final touches and the last-minute items.  But not this year.  Due to an in-town move, I could not and did not have the luxury of planning in advance.  We finished school and it was straight to packing, cleaning, moving, cleaning and organizing.   So now I am wondering where the summer went and how to make the most of what is left.  I have attempted to get organized and make plans, get curriculum together and figure out the schedules, and I have written down a few things as I have thought about them, but right now, honestly I am struggling to just sit down and do it.  I know I will have to eventually (maybe next week).  But for now, I am going to try and make the most of the last few days of summer

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